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Bernice M. Léger





Fluently bilingual (French and English) accomplished professional with over 20 years of office administration experience with above average computer skills.  Reputation for strong organization techniques and excellent communication skills.  Exceptional Multi-tasking capabilities with effective time management techniques. 

Certified in Small Business management.

While many of today’s successful small to mid-size companies got their start in an owner’s garage or basement, they don’t have to stay there.  Although inexpensive and convenient, a home address doesn’t usually convey the same professional, business-like appearance that a separate office can.

You need a place where you can create a serious business image, hold meetings, and enjoy more extensive office services.  At Bernice’s Office, the team provides the clients with many standard features and services plus a full complement of high-quality business support options.

The size and cost of our office spaces are perfect for a professional business person… or two.

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Shediac, NB   E4P 8W5

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A Professional Working Environment

OUTSOURCING administrative work could be the solution as it can be very practical and economical.  We may have the skills needed for that particular job that you do not currently have in your office or you may simply don’t have the time.

We happen to love paperwork!

Outsourcing your administrative work to us will be done in a timely manner, professionally and will not break the bank.  You will be invoiced for the work so there’s no need for you to hire a new employee, train, another added to the payroll, pay the CPP, EI and benefits.

Outsourcing just makes sense!

OFFICE WORK OVERLOAD happens during certain times of the year which makes it difficult to hire an employee part time since most people are looking for permanent full time work…  we’re here to help over your busy period.